Video Doorbell

Arenti Video Doorbells

Video doorbells offer homeowners in the UK the chance to protect their property remotely. An Arenti doorbell provides you with a 100% wire-free video doorbell. You’ll never miss someone knocking at your door again, thanks to the instant alert you receive when someone approaches your door. The 1080p battery-powered doorbell offers high-resolution footage. It’s rechargeable and quick to set up. The 6700mAh battery ensures you’ll have no charging hassles, and there are no wires to put in place upon receiving your new Arenti video doorbell. Within just minutes, even the most inspected DIYers will have their home protected with this modern and effective doorbell.

Even if someone doesn’t press the doorbell, you’ll receive instant alerts thanks to the built-in motion sensors. These notifications come directly to your mobile phone, and from there, you can give instructions directly to the visitor. Talk to your guests without even having to get up from where you are working or being anywhere near your home. The sensitive PIR sensor works with the AI algorithm to ensure all people and movements are detected while ignoring other distractions that are in place. Only receive alerts for the moments that really count, offering you the chance to relax knowing your home is fully protected with an Arenti video doorbell. This is one of the top investments homeowners can make for their home, and this discreet device is enough to stave off most burglars today.

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